Partnership & Progress

Fulgent International Inc. is a consulting company based in Hong Kong. We are affiliated with Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA), the largest and most influential medical society in China. It has been established by CMDA to facilitate international collaboration.

As trusted consultants, we commit to helping our clients achieve licensing agreements, merger and acquisition, and a variety of other life science partnerships between western and Chinese pharmaceutical and healthcare products companies. We also utilize our medical expertise and network to educate and train Chinese medical doctors with western medical technologies and hospital management doctrines. Fulgent may promote and publicize western products and services among CMDA’s 2.6 million members in a fast pace and effective manner.

We customize the strategies and tactics for you to complete a successful product or technology partnership, out-licensing or in-licensing deals, or company acquisition campaign, medical training and education, and Chinese healthcare market research in lieu of the unique business environment of China.

With widespread network in China and sophisticated business skills, Fulgent is highly competent to search, locate, and negotiate with parties who might show interest in your products or technologies. As leading consultants in our field, we serve clients on a performance basis and tailor specific solutions for individual projects. Furthermore, we have extensive experiences in integrating western medical training and education into Chinese medical education curriculum, leveraging Chinese medical doctors’ professionalism and competencies.

Please take a visual tour of our mission, team, services, and case studies. If you have collaborative needs with a Chinese company and medical society, please feel free to contact us to learn more about our business model and services.