Partnership & Progress


The efforts required to find a suitable partner and to negotiate the right agreement demand diverse and specialized skills. We organize our team's efforts around three distinct and sequential stages of a partnering or acquisition campaign. Fulgent offers these services at each stage of the campaign to license a life science asset or to secure a suitable merger or acquisition for your company.


Preparation and Strategy Phase

In close conjunction with general and scientific managers in your firm as well as outside experts, Fulgent develops a comprehensive understanding of your assets. We prepare state of the art slide shows in order to capture the eyeballs of qualified parties in the first sight. We prepare customized oral, written and graphic communications designed to get your inquiry past gatekeepers and into the hands of decision makers.



Fulgent’s roles for this stage include strategic planning and market intelligence professionals who bring state of the art skills in the interface of asset evaluation and corporate/collaborative strategy, as well as preclinical and clinical development professionals whose expertise helps translate medical to economic benefits and prepare our clients for successful negotiations.


Establishing Interest Phase

Fulgent assumes stewardship for the potential transaction: for maintaining forward momentum among interested parties, for coordinating and managing the exchange of materials and for ensuring alignment of all communications with the objectives of your board, management and other stakeholders. Fulgent brings exceptional relationship-building capabilities to this phase of the process that increase the probability of an inquiry progressing to key terms negotiations.



Fulgent’s roles for this stage include business development professionals with comparable seniority and expertise: as a firm with long-standing ties to thousands of business development executives, we will not turn down your engagement or fail to support your aspirations to expand your transactional efforts because of internal or external constraints.


Key Terms and Contract Negotiation Phase

Fulgent brings deep and broad negotiation expertise to this phase. Having played a central role from the inception of the campaign in all key external discussions, Fulgent differentiates its leadership and support for the deal execution team by ensuring continuity with original discussions and objectives. We help to accurately document past understandings, advocate on the basis of rigorous analysis for the assets, and accelerate closing by maintaining alignment with counterparties.



Fulgent’s roles for this stage include the top transaction attorneys in the life sciences. Regardless of whether your counsel is internal or external, Fulgent has abundant experiences working with legal counsel to seamlessly integrate business and legal concerns and drive transactions to completion.