Partnership & Progress

Case One:

 Innovative Licensing Concept

 A US oncology product company has a preclinical drug candidate to develop into clinical trials. They have a substantial amount of data to demonstrate the efficacy of the drug candidate. However, they have faced tremendous challenge to raise more money for their clinical programs. And they don’t have sufficient fund to complete the preclinical toxicology studies. Fulgent has helped this US company to find a Chinese business partner who are specialized in developing oncology products and close the out-license deal. The development time has significantly shortened due to the ease of cancer patient recruitment and low cost of toxicology studies in China. Acquired clinical data can be used to not only support the approval of this product in China, but also boost investor’s confidence in further investment.

 Case Two: 

A novel cardiovascular drug has been advanced into clinical studies. However, since the clinical benefits in a few clinical trials are not obvious, the American company that is originally developing this drug had to put this project on hold. The economy melting-down in western countries has triggered a great interest for western companies to seek partnership opportunities with Chinese pharmas. Fulgent found a desirable match for this particular company in China, which would like to take this drug to more testing in human and generate clinical data at its own expense. This Chinese partner company has extensive experiences and strong expertise in drug development and regulatory affairs. All they request is China product right upon marketing. Out-licensing this cardiovascular drug to the Chinese company helped the American company to walk out the darkness and have a chance to not only recuperate their financial losses, but also leverage their next round of financing.

 Case Three:

 A biotech company in Europe has an antiviral compound in early phase of development. They were looking for partnership involving equity financing, sponsorship of R&D, and out-licensing intellectual property rights. Fulgent initiated, negotiated and closed a deal that allows this company to raise money for their discovery programs, and delegate the development of this early phase compound to their partner’s hands. They jointly applied for Chinese biotech government funding and then venture capitals. These invested capitals have been fundamental for this European company to mature into a company with a diverse portfolio and more advanced pipeline. The lessons that would be learned from the preclinical and clinical experiences of their first antiviral candidate can support their future lead selection and validation.

 Case Four:

 A medium-sized medical education company in US has allied with John Hopkins University to start a Sino-American Education Center in Beijing. They have over 10 years of medical education experiences and are specialized in production of medical education and training contents. But over 300 hours of educational video and podcasts they made in US are all in English and outdated. They searched for an organization to take their video production and education business to a higher level. Fulgent offered help for them to partner with Chinese Medical Doctor Association, hiring medical experts and opinion leaders to work with them shoulder to shoulder in producing pedagogical materials and curriculum and tailor their business strategy into Chinese medical education market. They have since successfully raised capital for their burgeoning education center and attracted high volume of medical practitioners for continuous training.

 Case Five:

 A market research company in US strived to build their Chinese subsidiary to do medical market research for multinational pharmaceutical companies. They were not familiar with Chinese medical market research environment so that initially their business adventure in China was not successful. Eventually they sought for help from Fulgent to boost their publicity and popularity among medical practitioners. We have provided right channels for them to go through and laid out thoughtful business strategy for them to capitalize their strengths and marginalize their weaknesses. These moves have given the market research company extra competitive edges over other established companies. They were able to quickly circumvent barriers to collect market survey data and engage customers in fieldwork.